Endo March – Instagram Campaign


  • We are using Instagram to help us go viral! Instagram will help you share your story and get the word out!
  • For Million Woman March, we have hashtags #endomarch2014 #myendomarch where you can put these in the caption of your photos.
  • When you put the hashtag in the caption of your pictures, it will be put in a collection for people to look at.
  • For example, when people search the hashtag: #endomarch, your picture and other people’s pictures w/ that hashtag will show up and be grouped together.
  • By putting the hashtag in your caption, you will be allowing your picture to be a part of that collection of photos.

Here’s an example of what you can do to contribute to this International Campaign:

EndoMarch_Instagram_WatchOutWorldHereWeComeEndoMarch_Instagram_Handicap Cart