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EndoTwinCities: Main Role – Could use right hand assistance with the following:

  • Administration assistance (assist in various projects and general upkeep)
  • New member packet creation and distribution


Category: Doctor Resources

  • Local and national endo doctor directory
  • Fertility doctor directory
  • New doctor activation and packet distribution
  • Distribute business cards to doctors and emergency rooms, etc


Category: Health and Symptom Resources (other doctors)

  • Urologists for bladder symptoms
  • Gastroenterologists for bowel symptoms
  • Physical therapists, Acupuncture, etc
  • Diet and Nutrition info
  • Natural Remedies and resources


Category: Public Relations and Public Image

  • Logo and brand identity, Business Cards, public image unity
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media Site Management: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+
  • Public activities and involvement with key organizations (national awareness)
  • Local awareness events and publicity


Category: Research and Educational info

  • Endometriosis books
  • New research and studies
  • Endo Organizations: EndoResearchCenter, EndoFoundation,, etc
  • Fact checker – insures all info is accurate