The Endo Diets

There are several Endometriosis Diets but this one has a great explanation to ‘how’ it works, it’s easy to understand, and has the most common information with all the diets.

Download this document of the Endo Diet website on Women’s Health UK

Download this Cheat Sheet to bring with you to work, grocery store, friends, etc.


Related / Advanced Diets:

Mathias_Diet Increases Omegas and decreases Tyramine, which excites the nerves.

The Relation between endo and neuromuscular disease Explanation of how this works

Low FODMAP Diet Can help relieve bowel discomfort or pain

Gluten Free Diet by Shepard Works

Hydrogen Breath Tests by Stream Diagnostics

The Paleo Diet eating from food groups our ancestors would have in the Paleolithic era.

What to eat on the Paleo Diet


Endo Diet Testimonial:

I had twins a year ago February after doing 7 rounds of infertility (IUI with Gonal F).  Within 2 weeks after delivery my endo pain was back, and was getting worse every week.  I had always heard about people going on the Endo Diet (no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, limit red meat) but I was extremely skeptical.  Finally in May of 2013 I decided to give it a try.  I had three kids (all through fertility) and needed to be able to function on a daily basis for them.  So starting June 1st I went on the endo diet.  I decided to give myself 3 months to try it and then evaluate whether or not to continue.  I was still on the mini pill from after my sons delivery and ended that at the end of July.  I had a relatively pain-free summer the longer I was on the diet.  I decided at the end of August to re-introduct one thing at a time to see if the great health I was feeling for a coinincidence or if it was the diet.  I tried dairy first and within 24 hours my pain was back.  i decided the annoyance I had over trying to find things to eat was worth the effort to not have pain.  I went off birth control in August and 2 weeks ago we found out we are pregnant! After so many rounds of fertility for my three sons, changing my diet and lifestyle made the most difference.  I have had four laps, done Lupron twice and nothing has given me the relief that diet did.  Hoping that someone else can benefit from this too!

~ Alexa C. ~ Endo Support Member