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Coping with Endometriosis:

What do I tell others about endometriosis By: Ellen Johnson for Endometriosis.org

Endometriosis Survivors Letter – By: Heather Guidone, Center for Endometriosis Care

The best thing you can do is become your own advocate ~ Educate Yourself


Books on Coping with Endometriosis:

Coping with Endometriosis – By: Robert Phillips

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Emotional Support Graphics:

Inspiration, Coping, Support and Awareness Graphics

You don’t have to do this alone!

I stand strong anywayScarsDontRemindMeOfPainOneStepAtATimeOneFootInFrontOfTheOther06981dc9466b5af51cde7278e7252ff2.jpgRecoverycomesfirstTurnourbodiesinsideoutI'm one of themIf it was cancer you would understand

Postpartum Marks JealousyHOPE Hold On Pain EndsHelpful things to say to someone with chronic pain10 things NOT to sayYou never knwo how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have_Cover Image


More Support & Inspirational Graphics:

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Endo Support’s #EndoDidYouKnow Endometriosis Awareness Campaign:

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