Doctor Appointments


Best practices to get the most out of doctor appointments!

  1. Have clear direction for the purpose of the visit and what you expect to get out of it.
  2. Have a specific list of questions written out before you arrive. Leave space for answers. See our list of questions under ‘Questions for your Doctor‘. (Downloadable list)
  3. Bring someone with you. They can take notes and allow you to focus more on your appt. They can also attest to how this is affecting your qualify of life.  (It’s not in your head)
  4. Prepare a condensed medical history and treatment history for new doctor appt’s. (Downloadable forms below)


DOWNLOAD these sheets to bring to your appointment!

Medical History Cheat Sheets are like a condensed version of your medical records, condensed to 1 single pageYou want to be prepared for your appointment so that you utilize your doctor’s time wisely. Avoid the 20 questions at the beginning of an appointment and get right to ‘where you are NOW’. Limit the amount of time discussing the past, focus more on the future! Download these documents and enter your personal information. Extremely important for NEW DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS.

Medical History Cheat Sheet: For new doctor appointments. Condense your medical history into this 1 page cheat sheet to save time at new doctor appointments. Avoid the 20 questions. Give him this document (with your info). Give him time to skim it. Start the doctor appointment where you left off, instead of rehashing the past. Raw Word doc copies available upon request. Use the contact form to email us.

Medication History Cheat Sheet: Keep detailed information on your medications for doctor appointments and surgery. Give these to current doctors to keep on file. Raw Excel copies available upon request. Use the contact form to email us.

Treatment History Cheat Sheet: Download this form and enter your information to have a snap shot of the treatments, procedures, and surgeries that you’ve undergone. Include the findings to show what was helpful. Include location details in case your doctor’s office needs to contact them on your behalf.


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